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Monday, November 29, 2010


Down the dangerously steep mountains
She powerfully gurgles down
Clear and powerfull
And ultimately
Into the sprawling Mwea Plains
And though out of the steep
Still deliver her intimate brand
Of current flow-power.

Sneaking silently around the curves
Bending towards her destiny
She now only whispers
A low murmur of liquid advice
"Please don't
Defile, misuse or pollute me
For I love you
Tha's why I came"

And I love to admire
The Immense beauty of her flow
Old yet powerful
Her steps gaily like a fairy
And her valley heavy with vegetation
A forest out of a scary fairy tale.

But I love to watch her
Slim body
Snaking to the direction of the slope
The dance of white foams in the current
As she churns her way to the coast
Releasing a cold radiation
A caressing chill
The beauty of her source
The snow-capped lofty mountains
I can only give my love to you
To you my darling
That can only be
River Nyamindi.


Who is this that he talks about?
Who has ran his mind fantasizing
This that makes him write
Passionate love poems
When he should be concentrating on his lessons
His classes have become second
After this angel that he speaks about.
Who is she?
It is you.

Why doesn't he tell us frankly,
Who she really is
She who he loves so
That it makes the others envious
Of such deep Love
From the bottom of a man's heart.
Blessed be you girl
That is, whoever you are.
But it is you.

Smile Girl with the Angelic face
And give all of us a show
Let us see whatg the poet says
How true it is
Smile dear smile and stop to pretend that you do not know
That it is you.

I call you Rainbow
But it is you daughter of the moon
You that compete for beauty with Venus
The godess of it all
Let the sun stop as a witness
Of how much I love you
And I will call out the Rainbow
Write on iit for the whole world to see
'My love belongs to you'
Yes you!


My hair stood on end
And I strongly felt my pride bend
I was afraid you could hear
As my poor heart beat with fear
That I would not please you
That you would overlook me.

Walking in springy steps like a fairy
And wearing a smile that melt my heart
Met in a handshake
Felt the tender touch
I still couldn't out make
'Aren't you hugging me! Ouch!'
On that first day I saw you.

Hoped that the handshake
Will go above the elbow
Felt my mansion of desire going loose,
My submarine of hopes going afloat,
My dove of Love on the Shove,
On that first day I saw you My love.


We sent him to represent us
And he obediently went
To represent himself
Never forgot us though
Remembered to turn back
To bite at the fingers that fed him
To kick us in the groin
As he filled his granary.
Time is up!
He hasn't passed our message.
He is cunningly back
Asking us to give him
Vouchers for his greed
Our votes.
Prove to me people
That something is between the ears
Send him away
This thief messager.


Scatter and throw
Seed to sow
Virtue to grow
Schoko pro
I love you so!


Preserve the culture I will
But not overlook the spear
Planted at the Entrance to my hut
Nor the owner in bed with my wife.
My daughter's joy will not be taken.
By the cut of an ancient knife
Should I sell out an incumbent  generation
To an out-of-time tradition?
I must not!


I can't sit around the fire
To listen about the ogre
Who swallowed a whole village
The Hare and the Hyena
Because my forty years Grandma
Pursues her Masters degree.
Can you recall any Mama?
Your seven decade granny told
Of the times the Animals spoke
So I can tell it to my daughter
And charge her to pas it on
Speak life to the ailing heritage.
Please mama,
Tell me a Story.